Project Management

Jetmech Aviation Services specializes in corporate aircraft consulting for corporate aviation project management.  With so many "Next Gen" requirements or the purchase and sale of an aircraft looming on a flight department's schedule, Jetmech Aviation possess the knowledge and experience to manage such projects.  

Monitoring rule changes not only by the FAA but also global influential authorities such as EASA & ICAO allows Jetmech Aviation to provide customers with a knowledge-based approach to capital improvements as well as the opportunity for customers to leverage relationships in the paint, interior, and performance-based additions in the  industry for the upgrades an owner expects at the prices Jetmech Aviation are capable of achieving.

Whether it is a large project or an on site permanent log review, Jetmech Aviation can provide value to a flight department through experience and in-site in the industry.

Recent Projects of Jetmech Aviation Services:

  • Challenger 300 192 Month
  • Falcon 7X Prebuy
  • G650ER 96 Month
  • Challenger 300 96 Month.
  • Challenger 604 192 Mo with Gear.
  • Challenger 605 Prebuy.
  • Challenger 604 Prebuy.
  • ​Falcon 2000EX Paint, C Check, Full Interior Refurbishment, and Gear Overhaul with Next Gen Installation
  • Falcon 2000EX & 900EX Purchase/Sale Representative Project
  • Multiple Challenger 300 Purchase/Sale Representative Projects
  • Challenger 300 Soft Goods Refurbishment
  • Challenger 300 Avionics and Paint Upgrades
  • Challenger 605 Import/Prebuy/Paint & Interior with PL21A Installation
  • Lear 31A 12 Year
  • Lear 60 D Check with a 3000 Landing
  • Challenger 300 96 Month Inspection with Gear Overhaul